2018 News


Hunter’s Maple near Spencerville has been approached to open on other than a weekend. They require a minimum of 12 people attending. Suggested dates are March 7th or March 21st. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to join us. The menu along with prices are on their website.

The Upper Canada Village Drive will be held April 28th, a Saturday. No rain date at this time. Brian Henderson to keep us posted as to conditions closer to the date.

OVLHA show will be held in Richmond on July 21st, a Saturday. Information on website.

Club events to be held later in the season include a picnic at the McGowan’s in August, Mary’s Fun Day in October and one or more drives. We will post drive dates and locations as they are finalized.

Club members are encouraged to support both Show Clinics to be held on June 2 and July 7th planned by Donna Morand.


NEXT MEETING  will be held at the Goose in Merrickville on Mar 14th at 7pm.  All are welcome.








Re:  Clinic at Benhaven on June 11, 2017

I would like to tell the members that could not get to the clinic on Sunday, what a great day they missed.  The clinician, Wayne Byrne, was very knowledgeable about driving and was very willing to share information on harnessing and any other questions people had about driving.  The whipper-in, Barry Beach, was quite adept at keeping everyone on time and checking with people to make sure they knew when they were driving and that they were ready on time.  The lunch consisted of hot dogs, sausage on a bun, chips, apples, oranges and drinks.  The best part of the lunch (everyone knows I love my desserts) was  the delicious pies supplied by the chef for the day, Dave Jenkinson. There were at least four different kinds, all home made and all donated to the Club by Dave.  He also did all the cooking for the lunch.  The facilities were superb – good footing and relatively cool for such a hot day, and it was easy to find a spot to park.   It was so good to see many new people joining the club and taking part in the day, both by driving and auditing.  Also nice to see many of the club members pitching in and helping out.  It was a chance to visit with people who also have interest in minis.  This day was all set up by Phyllis Begg and everything ran very smoothly.  She did a GREAT job undertaking all of the preparations involved in a clinic like this and I really appreciate all of the time and energy she put into it.

Bonnie Driscoll

EOMHC Member


The club has a number of events planned for this summer.  Members are welcome to participate in any and all events, a reminder that liability insurance is required if you are bringing your horses.

June 24 – Display at Maxville Fair – Hours are 10:00 – 5:00 approximately – Betty and Brian going on June 24th and Mary will go on June 25.
July 1 – Canada Day – Smiths Falls – This is a full Canada Day Parade – Dave, Betty and Brian are going.  There is a free lunch after the parade.  If you want to participate in the parade you must fill out a form, so contact Betty for information
July 8 –  Fun Day at Mary and Walter’s – Pot Luck – There will be a small drive, cones, dressage and jumping.  There may be a practice halter class.  Rain date July 9.
July 16 – OVLHA – The club donated $100  for a Ladies Drive Class.

**** April 2017 News****  

The Clinic for this year will be held on June 11th at Benhaven Stables in Carleton Place.  Be sure to fill out and return your registration form before the June 1st cut-off date!!!!  Club members are encouraged to contact Phyllis or Bonnie to register and/or volunteer to help out!  See you all at the clinic!!

EOMHC Clinic poster 2017

**** Sep 2016 News****

Fairs – Richmond Fair – Sep 18;  Carp Fair – Sep 25; and Metcalfe Fair Oct 1st.

Parades, Displays and Demonstrations – Upper Canada Village Horse Lovers Weekend – Brian and Joan Henderson impressed the more than 1500 people who attended this event at Upper Canada village with their mare and foal on the Sat and Brian and Betty equally delighted the crowds with their team hitch on Monday.

Richmond Fair Parade – The club will be represented in the 172nd Richmond Fair Parade on Saturday Sept 17th by the McGowans.  Stop by and say hi!

Social Drivesa) Anyone interested in participating in a social drive at the end of Oct (after all the fairs) are asked to contact Phyllis Begg at 613-489-3768 or pbegg@ripnet.com.  to RSVP.  She can arrange a drive and pizza party for us at the Forestry in Kemptville if there is enough interest.b) Drive at Ovens Farm on Nixon Dr. south of Osgoode Village. Roger Stevens Dr. turns into Nixon Dr. when you cross the Rideau river. The drive is being held in with the Horse of Course club. Contact Mickie for my details at 613-826-2893  or mickiemoir@xplorenet.comc) The Thanksgiving Drive at the McGowans has been cancelled. (corn won’t be off in time!!)

Clothing Order –  ****  still need more orders **** 

Please note change to order form!!

Anyone who wants to order, please fill in a form, or at least e-mail Ginny (ginnykerr51@gmail.com)

Club Signs for Carts – Signs still available for purchase.  Corroplast (plasticized cardboard) signs are available to purchase for use at club demos and parades.   The signs have the club logo on them, and can be personalized for a small extra charge with your name or your stable name.  Contact Brian or Betty if you are interested in buying your own – the cost is 20.00 plus the additional fee for personalization if requested.

Trophies –   Deadline to get your show results in to Mary (humem1@live.com ) is Oct 7th.   Awards will be given out at the AGM so don’t miss out!!!

Email received from “The Mane Event”


Yes, the Mane Event, Equine Education & Trade Fair is thrilled to announce that we have been offered a location in Ontario!

As Canada’s largest equine expo the Mane Event was very excited to be invited to the Western Fair District in London, Ontario, May 12 – 14, 2017.  The Mane Event will take place of the All Equine Show previously held in the spring.

This facility will offer over 200 indoor 10 x 10 trade show booths, a permanent indoor arena with over 1,500 seats, plus a temporary arena, Round Pen and Lecture Area.  This venue will allow us to offer attendees and exhibitors a layout similar to our very successful expos held in Chilliwack, BC and Red Deer, AB. This new location will retain the same, crowd pleasing format used in the original Western Canada events. This includes a variety of clinicians and trainers that represent both english and western disciplines, the very popular Trainers Challenge, the Saturday night Equine Experience show and the newest addition to the expo, the Youth Pro-Am Competition.

The Mane Event, has been running for 13 years at Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC and for 10 years in Red Deer, Alberta.  Dedicated to bringing in high quality trainers and Olympic riders who offer a multitude of disciplines over the 3 days of the event has proven to be a very successful combination for the expo, and we look forward to continuing this tradition in Ontario.  Attendance figures for the Chilliwack expo are in the 20,000 range and for the Red Deer expo in the 40,000 range with sales of over $1.5 million on the trade show floor per year.

We hope that you will join us to showcase your products and services. Exhibitors who book now will be able to choose their booth location to best showcase their products and services. 

 If you have any questions or require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 1-844-578-7518 or email sales@maneeventexpo.com

 We look forward to seeing you there.  Like us on Facebook to see updates about the expo!

 Thank you!Gail gail@maneeventexpo.com www.maneeventexpo.com

Rideau Carleton Miniature Horse Races!!!!

Well we have to finish off the newsletter with the happenings at the Rideau Carleton miniature horse races.  Over thirty members and their guests converged on the RCR Dining room to watch the brave and hearty mini racers propel their fiery beasts around the racetrack at breakneck speeds.  Defending Champion Betty decided (with Brian’s help) to give her fellow competitors a sporting headstart by having her horse GO BACKWARDS for the first few seconds of the race.  Try as she might, Chantilly wasn’t quite able to close the distance (as the announcer stated, she had a nice drive enjoying the view!).  Fine time was held by all, lots of laughs for the racers, and good food and company (and a few wins at on the ponies and at the slots).  We are looking forward to next year, hopefully with a few more people willing and able to enter their horses in the race.

Next meeting Hoping to see lots of people out to the next meeting to be held at 2pm at the Goose and Gridiron in Merrickville on Wed Sept 7th.

**** Aug 2016 News****

The club newsletter and minutes are available not only on the website, but should also be being delivered to members email boxes by mid month.  Anyone not receiving them should contact Ginny.


Navan Fair – Aug 13;   Merrickville Fair – Aug 14;

South Mountain Fair – Aug 20;  Riceville Fair – Aug 28;

Newington Fair – Sep 3;  Perth Fair – Sep 3;

Shawville Fair – Sep 3;  Spencerville Fair – Sept 10;

Richmond Fair – Sep 18;  and Carp Fair – Sep 25.

Parades, Displays and Demonstrations

Upper Canada Village Horse Lovers Weekend – club members Brian and Joan Henderson will be representing the club Sat Sept 3rd and Brian and Betty McGowan will represent the club on Monday Sept 5th.  Be sure to stop by and say hi;

Richmond Fair Parade – The club will be represented in the 172nd Richmond Fair Parade on Saturday Sept 17th by the McGowans;

Glengarry Pioneer Fall Festival Horse Parade – to be held at the Pioneer Village in Dunvegan on Sept 11th by Betty and Brian McGowan.  If you wish to participate with your horses, please contact Betty.  More info in the minutes;

Osgoode Twsp Historical Days at the Museum – Brian M. will attend; and

Antique Wheels in Motion Fall Festival – Held in Roebuck Aug 20-21.  All are welcome to attend.  Contact Brian and Betty for more info.


Clothing Order –  ****  Please note change to order form!!

Anyone who is interested in ordering a zipped hoodie or a ball cap or a t-shirt please let Ginny know.  I am starting a list so that we can put in another order.  Sweatshirts are 35.00, ball caps 15.00 and crew neck t-shirts will be available for 15.00.  All includes the cost of the logo.  It is an extra 5.00 to add your name to your item.  A form is attached.  Anyone interested can mail or e-mail a completed form to Ginny or bring it to the next meeting.  Payment will be due prior to order being placed.  So far we have 5 items ordered.  To maintain our prices we have to have minimum orders of 10.  Once the order is large enough it will be submitted.  Hopefully we will have items available for pick up at the AGM.  Anyone who wants to order, please fill in a form which was included in the newletter, or at least e-mail Ginny (ginnykerr51@gmail.com)

Club Signs for Carts – Signs still available for purchase.  Corroplast (plasticized cardboard) signs are available to purchase for use at club demos and parades.   The signs have the club logo on them, and can be personalized for a small extra charge with your name or your stable name.  Contact Betty if you are interested in buying your own – the cost is 20.00 plus the additional fee for personalization if requested

Social Drives – Phyllis is still trying to arrange some social drives but she needs to know availability and interest level.  What days are best?  Does anyone have a suggestion for a good, interesting, safe place to meet up and drive??  Let her know your interest level by e-mail at pbegg@ripnet.com or come to the next meeting and let her know there.

Upcoming Drives planned so far

– Osgoode Berry Farm with the Horse of Course club Oct 15th;

– Pizza Party at Ferguson Forest Oct 29th;

More drives to follow but we need club participation!!! Contact Phyllis if you have a suggestion for a venue.   

Trophies  Remember to keep track of your wins at the fairs so that you can give your results to Mary and get in the running for a club award at the AGM.  More info is on the website…. Roadster class will count toward the single cart award.

Miniature Horse Race at Rideau Carleton – Plan to race your horse, or just come out watch and cheer as Betty prepares to defend her title on Sept 4th.  Post time is just prior to the regular races being run.  It`s lots of fun – the organizers need a minimum of six horses to enter, so spread the work, get your horses fit, get entered.  Contact Betty (information is also available from Kathy McBride on Facebook through the group `Mini Races at Rideau Carleton“ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1429362873985197/

Dinner at the Racetrack –  Let Phyllis know asap (613-489-3768 or pbegg@ripnet.com) if you are able to attend.  A reminder that the mini race (if they get enough entries to run) will be held prior to the official races, so you have to be there before six to see them).  The dinner is all you can eat buffet for 19.99 plus tax.  Parking is free, and it`s fun to watch the races (and bet if you wish) while you eat.

**** July 2016 News ****

Be sure to read the club newsletter, available on the Paddock Page to keep up to date with club events!

Please note that the club picnic at Betty and Brian’s is scheduled for Aug 7th, not the 6th as published in the newsletter and minutes.  Let them know if you are planning to attend.

The Rideau Carleton Mini Races will run again this year if we can get a minimum of six entries!  Let Betty know if you are interested and she will give you the info on how to register.

Phyllis is planning a Dinner at the Racetrack in Sept if there is enough club interest.  Please let her know if you want to attend.  

Social drives are being planned for the fall.  Again, let Phyllis know if you have any ideas of available venues for drives.

**** May 2016 News ****

The May newsletter and minutes are available now on the Paddock page of the website.

TACK SALE – any club members wishing to sell items at the Clinic please contact Brent Niblock with a list of what you are selling and price.  Brent has graciously offered to run the sale table at the clinic, and there is no cost at all to you!!  Open to the general public for purchase only (sorry, sales are by members only)… what a great way to pick up new items and sell the ones that you no longer want!

Club clothing order – Contact Ginny if you are interested in ordering hoodies, t-shirts or polo shirts or ball caps.  A new order will go in when we have enough interest.

Don’t forget to drop by the Antique Wheels in Motion display at Roebuck this weekend (May 14/15) and say hi to Brian and Betty.  Any members willing to assist with the demo and display please contact them directly.

Lombardy Agricultural Society Parade of Horses… deadline to enter is June 1st.  Don’t miss out on this exciting event as 150+ horses all parade through the streets of Smiths Falls on July 9th

parade of horses

Maxville 125 Anniversary Parade June 11th… join Betty in the parade, help out with the display, or just drop by to enjoy the event.  Contact Betty for more info.

Club signs for carts and wagons for use in parades and demos are now available to purchase if you want to personalize them with your name or your stable name.  Contact Betty for more info.

**** Apr 2016 News****

The April Newsletter and minutes are available on the Paddock page of the website.

Next meeting of the club will be held at the Goose and Gridiron in Merrickville on Wed May 11th at 2pm.  All are welcome

Anyone interested in participating in the Antique Wheels in Motion on May 14/15 please contact Joan for more information.  If you are planning on bringing your horse you must pre-register with the organizers prior to May 8th (they need proof of liability insurance)

Signs for attaching to carts with the club name and logo will be available for purchase – great for use in demos and parades.  They will be available at the next meeting

The clinic registration has been extended to May 10th.


**** Mar 2016 News*****

***** Please note change in date to Wednesday, March 30th*******   The Chase the winter blahs away lunch at Wheelers Pancake house will be held on March 24th  March 30th.  Let Joan know immediately if you are able to attend the second date.  She has to renew our reservation.  Please also note that the meet up time has been changed…. we will be seated at 12:00 noon…. Don’t miss out, and don’t be late!!!!

Planning is underway for social drives and parades… keep an eye on your newsletters and e-mails as we update the schedule.  So far the First Social drive of the season is scheduled to happen at Upper Canada Village on April 30th (rain date Sunday May 1st).  Contact Phyllis if you are planning to attend.  We need to know numbers.  We are planning on having a tailgate lunch prior to the drive.  This is a members only event.

Anyone interested in attending Antique Wheels in Motion “Heritage Spring Field Day 2016” in Roebuck, ON, let Joan know.  The event runs Sat May 14th and Sun May 15th.  The club will be putting in an info table, and some horses will be able to attend.  This is also a member only event so please let Joan know if you are interested in participating.

The Leeds County Draft Horse Club is presenting a free clinic on Harness & Driving on April 30th.  It will be geared toward large horses, but it is an excellent chance to see how to hitch and drive a team.  Contact info is available on the poster or by contacting Joan.

16 01 28 Poster for Draft Horse Clinic v (2)

The 2016 Driving Clinic will be held near Perth, ON on Sunday May 29th.  The clinic is open to members as well as non-members. The clinician is Wayne Byrne, who has 45 years of experience.  Wayne trains, teaches and judges miniature horses and their drivers and will be giving pointers on how to improve your performance in the show ring, as well as over all driving tips for your pleasure driving.  Clinic is open to members as well as non-members, and also offers free auditing as well.  Horses and drivers must be competent to drive … this is not a introductory level clinic.  Please contact Phyllis or Ginny for more information.   Forms are available here for download.

EOMHC Clinic poster 2016

We were happy to see some new members attend the most recent monthly meeting.  The next meeting will be held on Wed, April 13th at 2pm at Mickie’s house near Osgoode.  All are welcome to attend.  Please contact any member of the executive for directions or more information.



****  Feb 2016 News *****

Next planning committee meeting is scheduled for March 17th.  Monday March 15th at 2pm.  Don’t be shy….come get involved!!!

A local (Ottawa) Retirement Residence is looking for someone to do a visit with a mini on Feb 22 (in conjunction with Winterlude).  Contact Betty if you are interested in participating.

The spring training clinic is being planned now.  More information is going to follow soon.

Not too much to report over the winter.  The first newsletter of the year has been sent out (can be seen on the Paddock page).  Let Phyllis or Ginny know if you did not receive your copy!!!

CDE Update – Our Guest Speaker at the AGM, forwarded an electronic copy of the rule book for Combined Driving Events in Canada, along with a sample dressage test for anyone who may be interested.  If you can’t get it to load here, contact Ginny and I will forward it to you….. Also, VSE’s are being welcomed again at Bromont June 24th-26th.  More info at http://www.americandrivingsociety.org/06_omnilistings/06Bromont_16.pdf

CDE section h-2015en- final – jan 5 CLEAN (1)


training level test 2 dressage



**** NOV 2015 NEWS ****

Well…. it’s been a busy fall, hopefully members have been enjoying the monthly newsletters.

The last Social Drive of the season was held at Kemptville Forestry, followed by pizza. It was a cool day but the fall leaves were lovely, the trails were great to drive and the horses behaved themselves. What more could one want!

The AGM was held October 25th with guest speaker Wilma Van Wyngaarden, who spoke about her experiences driving her mini at the Bromont Combined Driving Event.

The winners of the Year End awards were:

Jr. Showmanship – Gramae Dawson
Runner-up – Emma Fenton
Jr. Driver – Cheyenne Cundell
Runner-up – Gramae Dawson
Lady Driver – Betty McGowan
Runner-up – Taylor Cundell
Gentleman Driver – Cody Dupuis
Runner-up – Kevin Carroll

Beginning in the 2016 show season the club will also offer an award for the top winning gelding, top winning mare and top winning stallion.

Another order of sweatshirts and ball caps was put in … anyone wanting to order let Ginny know and a new order will be put in when there are ten or more orders.

Upcoming Events include an evening with the club at the Alight At Night at Upper Canada Village. Contact Brian McGowan if you want to be included in the dinner at Willards Hotel on Dec 29th. Following dinner you can walk or take a wagon ride to see the lights in Village.

Our next club gathering is being planned for late March 2016 at Wheeler Pancake House. It will be lunch just to get together before driving season begins.

The 2016 Driving Clinic is in planning mode…. stay tuned for announcements!!!

For those of you who were unable to attend the AGM, please be aware that memberships are due now (membership year runs from Nov 1 – Oct 31). In order to re-join, we would request that you print off the membership form and send it with payment to Phyllis Begg, the membership coordinator. Phyllis’ address is on the form. We want the form so that we can ensure all you contact information is up to date.

Membership List – it was decided at the AGM that a copy of the membership list containing e-mail and phone number of members will be sent out to the members by e-mail. Anyone NOT wanting their information to be sent out must let any member of the executive know. The first list will be sent out in Jan 2016.

Pictures – Brian wants your pictures!!! Please take lots of pictures of your minis enjoying the snow and send them to Brian (brianmcgowan@xplornet.com)

Hoping that everyone enjoys their holiday season. Your Executive and Planning Committee is looking forward to another fun and active year in 2016….. and a reminder that ALL club members are encouraged to get involved and attend a Planning Committee meeting. The next regular meeting will be held Thurs Mar 17th, 2016. Contact any member of the Executive for more information.

    ***AUG 2015 NEWS***

Club sweatshirt now available to order. We will be submitting an order for zip up hoodies with club crest. Pre-order by Sept 17th, delivery date will be at the AGM in October. Fill in the order form, attach a cheque payable to the EOMHC in the amount of 35.00 and send it to Mickie (or give it to any member of the executive prior to the next planning committee meeting.

EOMHC Order Form

Dinner at the Racetrack to watch the mini race (and a full card of regular racing) on Sept 6th. Contact Phyllis to book your spot for a reservation. If we can get 25 people then we get a group rate and get to go down to the winners circle to help present to the winning horse! Lots of fun and good food. Plan to attend and bring your friends and family. The more the merrier!

Where the Minis are – let Ginny know of fairs that you would like to help advertise, they can be listed in the newsletter, here on the website and also on Facebook. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook, search Eastern Ontario Miniature Horse Club and you will have to request to join. It’s a closed group for our club members only.

    ***JUL 2015 NEWS***

Lots of new stuff on the Events page to check out… show season is approaching!

The Club Picnic is planned for Sunday Aug 16th starting at 2:00 pm at Betty and Brian’s. Bring your mini for some driving games followed by a corn roast/BBQ. Desserts and salads are potluck.

Club sweatshirts and ball caps will be available for order. Let Ginny know if you are interested.

The location of the AGM in October has been changed to Pierce’s Corners Hall on Malakoff Road near North Gower. More information on the Events page.

John Cundles’ annual Market Drive is planned for Tues July 28th.  Horses will depart the stable at 113 York St. at 6:30 pm sharp. Let Betty know ASAP if you are planning to attend. Dinner at Mother Tuckers after the drive.

Drive In Style is Sunday July 19th starting at 11:00 a.m. Again, please advise a member of the executive if you are planning on bringing your horse.

Precision Driving group is being replaced by an open schooling night on Tues evenings at Betty and Brian’s. Let Betty know if you plan to attend. It starts at 7pm and is an excellent opportunity to school you horse at a new location.

Newsletters were emailed out on July 17th. Let Ginny know if you aren’t getting them or have problems opening them.

    *** JUNE 2015 NEWS ***

Driving Clinic Update June 8th

Driving spots are all now filled.  We had a total of 16 drivers register for the clinic.  Times are being e-mailed out to all participants… if you don’t get the e-mail please contact Ginny or Phyllis.

The clinic will begin at 8:00 a.m. with a general overview of the rules of Pleasure driving.  Terry will cover safe harnessing and hitching, and ring etiquette.  The individual driving will commence at 9:00 a.m.  Participants are expected to be warmed up and ready to drive by their posted time.  The clinic is full to capacity so we need to keep things flowing smoothly.   There will be a one hour lunch break, and a BBQ lunch will be available.  Lunch is included in the cost of the clinic for drivers, all others are invited to purchase a hotdog/hamburger, drink and dessert for five dollars.  Proceeds are going to help support the club.  Cones and Obstacles are being made available by Terry, as well she is going to give us a teaser about cross country driving.  This looks to be a very enjoyable day, auditing is free, so hope to see lots of people out watching and learning!!


July Planning Committee Meeting

The members of the committee have decided to consistently hold the meetings on the first Thursday of every month. The next meeting will be held at Micki’s house on Thursday, July 2nd at 7:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. If you are planning on attending, just let Micki know in advance.

Drive In Style at Upper Canada Village

The Club will again participate in the Upper Canada Drive in Style on Sunday, July 19th. Join club members and their horses while we show off just what all you can do with a Miniature Horse! Cones, a mock show, barrel racing and obstacles, as well as a peaceful drive around the grounds just outside the Village, topped off with a picnic lunch with your fellow club members all make for a fun day. Participants are encouraged (by this is not necessary) to dress in period costume. Come and join us as we spend the day promoting our wonderful breed, and all that they can do. Anyone interested in joining us please let Betty or any member of the executive know. Final timings will be decided upon at the Planning Committee meeting on July 2nd.

Precision Driving

Anyone interested in joining the Precision Driving group please contact Brian for more information (or plan to attend the next Planning Committee meeting!). The Precision Driving group is a group of drivers and horses who meet once a week at the McGowans to practice driving in drill formation. The ultimate goal will be to put on a demonstration similar to a Musical Ride. Horses and drivers should be comfortable driving in a group, and drivers must be in control of their horse. It’s a fun evening as you get to try something a little different, train your horse in a new environment, and socialize with the other club members. Dates to be determined, we are looking for people to sign up so we can know how many are interested.

Maxville Fair

Club members should note that there will be NO MINIATURE HORSE CLASSES at all at the Fair this year. This includes the cone classes.

Club Summer Picnic and Fun Day at the McGowan’s

Once again Betty and Brian are planning on hosting the club picnic and fun day. The exact day is yet to be set as it appears that South Mountain Fair has changed which day the miniatures will be showing to Saturday, August 15th (the original date for the picnic). More to follow, so pay attention to the Events Calendar!!!

Ottawa Horse Day *** UPDATE ***

Ottawa Horse day was very well attended this year. We have no idea just how many people came through, but Ginny is pretty sure that Echo’s shoes were the most photographed thing at the whole event! Nibs and Echo, belonging to Ginny and Lorne were beyond stellar as they were hugged, kissed, stroked and poked by young and old alike. Huge thanks to Bonnie and Dawn for helping with the display and the horses. It is very likely we will be invited back next year, so anyone who is interested, let the planning committee know. It would be nice to have a few more horses next year.

    *** MAY 2015 NEWS ***

Ralph Young Auction Sale

Sat June 27 @ 9a.m. Lombardy Fairgrounds. Selling the complete contents of Mr. Youngs’ harness shop including Randall sewing machines, large quantity of hand-tools, hardware, leather, driving bits, harness, Holly whips, side saddles, vintage harness, memorabilia, books, antique sleigh bells, antique carriage lamps, training aids, collars, hames, tack trunks, McLaughlin buggy and cutter with tops Houghton Jogger, Governess cart, French sleigh, sloop sleigh, side spring buggy, plus much more. An exceptional collection by public auction. For list and pictures see www.joyntauctioncompany.com

Facebook page

The club now has it’s very own facebook page.  Check it out “Eastern Ontario Miniature Horse Club”.  Ginny is the administrator for the page, so if you have any questions or concerns please contact her by private message on Facebook, or e-mail at ginnykerr51@gmail.com

Club t-shirts

There are a limited number of club t-shirts available for purchase.  Contact Mary or Betty if you want to get one. Cost is 20.00.  They are a nice quality, collared t-shirt… and you support the club!!

    *** APRIL 2015 NEWS ***

VSE’s to participate in CDE at Bromont June 2015

Heads up to anyone who is interested in participating or learning more about this fast growing sport…. VSE’s (Very Small Equines) are being given a chance to participate in the Combined Driving (CDE) at Bromont, this June. Information was received from Dr. Michelle Courtanche, DVM, advising the club that the organizers have once again opened the door for small equines to compete. The following is the information sent by Michelle to the club. Please, even if you are not able to attend this year, lets all get the word out!!

“Over the last few years the Bromont International CDE has listed a VSE division (equines under 39” at the withers) at their annual event but they have not had any entries. This is a missed opportunity for Canadian VSE drivers and it’s time we become a presence at the only CDE in eastern Canada. A small group is forming for this year’s event but the organizers reserve the right to cancel if there are less than 5 entries. We are not there yet.

Combined Driving is an exciting and fun way to enjoy driving your Miniature Horse. This year’s CDE at Bromont takes place over 3 days on June 19, 20, 21. The dressage test is on Friday, the marathon goes Saturday and the cones are on Sunday. For dressage you will drive a pattern/test (available on the ADS website) in front of 1-3 judges. You will be scored on the horse’s gaits, submission, obedience and the accuracy of the test. The test paper with the judge’s feedback is provided to you after the phase. Marathon day is most people’s favourite! You follow a course over varied terrain, several kilometers long, that you have been able to walk in advance. On course you will encounter several obstacles. In the obstacles you drive the lettered gates in alphabetical order. The marathon must be completed in the optimum time window based on the speed for your class and level. Prelim entries are also timed in the obstacles so fast and efficient is best. Training level can walk or trot on course while prelim level allows cantering within the obstacles. Penalty points accrued on marathon are added to your dressage score. On the final day you will complete a cones course with about 20 sets of cones. Training must walk or trot, prelim can canter. Penalties for dislodged balls as well as time penalties are added to your score from the first 2 phases. In the end the lowest score wins.

To compete in a CDE you need a well-fitted harness with breeching (leather or synthetic) and a cart with wooden or metal wheels (no wire spokes or pneumatic tires). As with any show circuit it is very important to read the rules before competing. Many competitions will set a shortened marathon course for VSEs but you will need to condition your horse for this fitness test.

Bromont needs VSE entries (horses must be at least 4 years old to compete in CDEs) but if that isn’t in the cards for you this year think about going as a spectator. There will be FEI advanced competitors there, which is always great to see. Check out what it’s all about, learn about the sport and cheer on your fellow Mini drivers. This is the start of what will hopefully be a large division in future years. The VSEs are the fastest growing group in Combined Driving. Let’s show them that we are here and are a force to be reckoned with.

For information on the VSE movement at Bromont please contact Michelle Courtemanche at mtc.dvm@mail.com

Minutes of Committee Meetings

Check out the Paddock page where we will be posting minutes of meetings. Members are encouraged to get involved… attend a meeting, bring an idea, help to make it happen! Next meeting is June 3 – Wed evening at 7pm. Contact any member of the executive for more information.

    *** 2014 NEWS ***


The Driving clinic is a definite go!!! More information is available about the clinic on the Paddock page, however the clinic is open to both members and non-members of the club. Driving spots are limited, however auditing spots are free and unlimited. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to get together with your horse, have a private driving lesson with an experienced instructor, get the chance to practice cones and obstacles in a new setting, and just have a great day visiting with other mini enthusiasts, then you won’t want to miss this event!!! Hope to see you there! For any other information contact Phyllis at 613-489-3768 or Ginny at 613-284-8267.

EOMHC Clinic poster (PDF)

EOMHC Clinic poster (DOCX)

Wanted – Baby pictures!! 
Foaling season will be upon us in no time (says she hopefully!).  While you are out admiring your newest addition, snap a picture and share it with your friends on the EOMHC (Eastern Ontario Miniature Horse Club) website….  Who doesn’t love a nice warm fuzzy foal!!

Upcoming Events
Be sure to check out our Upcoming Events page. Betty will be letting us know “Where the Minis Are” in Eastern Ontario so that we can go out and show our support.  Better yet, plan to load up your minis and come out and join in the fun!!

Social Drives
Although the weather outside may be frightful right now, remember that social drives will be starting up again in just a few more months.  Check out the Events calendar to see where the next fun drive will be!! Make sure your membership is up to date so that you don’t lose out!!!  Hint, the first one is already planned for May at Upper Canada Village!

Planning Committee
Any club member is welcome to attend planning committee meetings.  Your involvement and input helps to keep our club vibrant and fun!  Contact any member of the Executive for information on how to get involved.

Year End Awards for Juniors and Mens/Ladies drivers
Reminder that the club offers trophies to members who show in local fairs. These will be perpetual with keepers given to the winner in each division. To be awarded at the AGM .

For full information, please visit the Members’ Paddock.